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Max and his friends are a typical group of college-aged kids. The one thing that makes them different is that they are all competitive gamers. Winning a gaming tournament, Max and each of his friends are given an advance copy of a new game by the competition's sponsor: a game that, unknown to them, contains a flaw that will overwhelm their computers and their minds, planting within each of them the real life equivalents of the video game skills they are so blessed with in the virtual world. In an instant these twenty something year old kids become: Gifted martial artists; perfect marksmen; brilliant drivers; flawless tacticians with the skills needed to execute any wild scheme they may dream up. But headhunted by a shadowy espionage agency, the group of friends split, turning against themselves and the forces out to eradicate them...

Russian release date: November 26, 2009

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Russian poster from the movie Hooked (Na igre)

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Also Known As

  • Gamers. In Search of the Target (inc)
  • Hooked on the Game (inc)
  • На игре (ru)

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