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I Heart Doomsday




A mad scientist, bent on world annihilation, builds a robot to rekindle his lost love. What kind of plan is that? Some would say strange, none would say good. Unless of course it worked... Then it would be genius. Or would it? Maximillian Von Max, is a heartbroken and lonely genius hiding in his laboratory with only his creations as company. Out in the world is his lost love, Tatiana. Only she doesn't know she is Tatiana, or that she lost him, or anything else. Amnesia, what a twisted and bitter bit of pill you are! And so we have it: A sad man with a mad plan and a lady love lost. Not to mention robots and wolf brains. Welcome to the weird world of I Heart Doomsday !

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Canadian poster from the movie I Heart Doomsday

Main Cast

  • Amnesia expert
  • Tatiana / jane
  • Vandal
  • Super Computer
  • Captain Ovation
  • Boyfriend
  • Florist


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