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Two documentary filmmakers accidentally uncover the greatest moon secret our world has never known, and a mysterious and powerful cult that is determined to keep it that way. Now hunted and on the run, the documentarians flee their homes only to encounter a man who claims to have escaped from the moon as a child. Committed to protecting themselves by filming their story, they keep the cameras rolling as they discover earth's secret history, and fight to survive a hunt that would have already taken their lives, if they weren't in possession of a certain unusual artefact. Time is almost up, but their story cannot end until they face head-on the most powerful and secret organization in the world... The Church of Lunology.

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Unknown poster from the movie Lunopolis

Main Cast

  • David James
  • The Director
  • Nate
  • Arte
  • Sarah
  • Dark Assailant
  • Dr. Orin Raymond
  • Matt
  • Sonny


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