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Jack Armstrong




Jim Fairfield (Pierre Watkin) is the head of an aviation company whose head scientist Vic Hardy has discovered cosmic radioactivity being employed in experiments coming from a distant off shore island. Hardy is kidnapped and taken to the island and forced to aid the evil doers. Fairfield, Jack Armstrong and Fairfield's niece Betty and nephew Billy, decide to investigate. There they discover that an evil scientist, Jason Grood is behind a scheme to conquer the world through the development of a super annihilator ray and a space ship called the "aeroglobe". The aeroglobe is capable of launching into space and destroying cities with its deadly ray (shades of Star Wars 50 years ahead of its time). Its up to Jack and the gang to foil the baddies. Assisting the good guys are a native tribe headed by Princess Alura and Umala.

Us release date: February 06, 1947

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Unknown poster from the series Jack Armstrong

Main Cast

  • Jack Armstrong
  • Betty Fairfield
  • Princess Alura
  • Billy Fairfield
  • Uncle Jim Fairfield
  • Prof. Hobart Zorn
  • Blair, chief thug
  • Henchman Slade
  • Vic Hardy


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Jack Armstrong: The All-American Boy (us)

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