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The Toxic Avenger




This is the story of Melvin, the resident geek at the local health club. One day, Slug and Bozo (some resident jocks) chase Melvin around the club and Melin ends up plunging out of the window into a tub of toxic waste. Melvin is transformed into The Toxic Avenger and he is a geek no more! Toxie fights crime and gets revenge on his enemies like a true hero...

Us release date: April 11, 1986

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Us poster from the movie The Toxic Avenger

Main Cast

  • Sara
  • The Toxic Avenger
  • Wanda
  • Julie
  • Slug
  • Bozo
  • Mayor Peter Belgoody
  • Melvin Junko
  • Officer O'Clancy
  • Walter Harris
  • Cigar Face
  • Knuckles
  • Nipples
  • Leroy
  • Frank


Also Known As

  • Health Club (us)
  • Health Club Hero (us)
  • Health Club Horror (us)

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