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In an attempt to regain campus favor, a group of Texas University frat boys attempts to abduct Eddie Pain, the leader of the Anti-Nuke Mutants. Unfortunately, Pain is murdered by Splatter (Edwin Neal), a Mutant who hides behind metal body-armor and is regarded as psychotic even among his own, with the help of a friendly mutant named Julie (Alice Villarreal), the frat boys must escape hostile territory while pursued by both the Mutants who believe them responsible for their leader's death and the relentless Splatter...

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Us poster from the movie Future-Kill

Main Cast

  • Splatter
  • Dorothy Grim
  • Paul
  • Steve
  • Tom
  • Jay
  • Clint
  • George
  • Julie
  • Eddie Pain
  • Curious Bad Girl
  • Uncurious Bad Girl
  • Julie's Friend
  • Helpful Mutant
  • Fire Breather


Also Known As

  • Splatter (inc)
  • Night of the Alien (uk)

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