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First it's two adorable little boys, camping with their parents in the Mojave Desert, who are fanged to death by at least a dozen of 'em. Then a housewife is setting a table for dinner when she's unexpectedly greeted by an army of the wiggling horrors scurrying around by her feet. Worse, as a plumber on a late-night house call crawls beneath a home and disconnects a bathtub's drainpipe, a big scaly one makes a beeline straight up his pants. Unaware of this, the lady of the house climbs into what she assumes will be a relaxing bubble bath only to find Rattlers suddenly swimming between her legs.

As the reptile attacks continue, the Mojave Sheriff's Department brings in two experts, herpetologist Tom Parkinson, and feminist photographer Ann Bradley, who quickly uncovers a link between the anti-social snakes and the U.S. Army; specifically "CT3," an experimental nerve gas controlled by a crackpot colonel straight out of Dr. Strangelove...

Us release date: April 23, 1976

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