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The mysterious island village of Balfe is experiencing unexplainable phenomena... from grossly oversized sea-life to half-buried bodies in the dark woods to strange Neanderthal like men suffering from a rare disfiguring disease. Is this town afflicted by radioactive waste contaminating their water? Is there a vengeful mutant monster lurking in the woods? Or worse, are the townsfolk being punished by an act of God for their past sins? It is up to Dr. Del Shaw and the dedicated scientists at Doomwatch headquarters to discover the cause of these horrific mutations. Infuriating local villagers who cling to their secluded island's survival, Dr. Shaw (Ian Bannen) and local school teacher Victoria Brown (Judy Geeson) risk their lives to uncover the truth behind the strange happenings, no matter how frightening or dangerous it may be. Based on the British television series of the same name, Doomwatch is a haunting telltale film that just might be hazardous to your health!

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Unknown artwork from the movie Doomwatch

Main Cast

  • Dr. Del Shaw
  • Victoria Brown
  • Dr. Quist
  • Dr. John Ridge
  • Dr. Fay Chantry
  • Bradley
  • The Admiral - Sir Geoffrey
  • Constable Hartwell
  • Mrs. Betty Straker
  • Sir Henry Leyton
  • Vicar
  • Brewer
  • Miss Johnson
  • Tom Straker
  • Bob Gillette

Also Known As

  • Island of the Ghouls (us)

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