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A derelict boat is found aimlessly adrift in the local waters of New York City. Investigating police units are shocked beyond belief when a corpse-like stowaway attacks them and then plunges into the murky waters below, leaving the living with one big mystery on their hands - and in the hands of news reporter Peter West. Following the story to its bare bones, Peter teams up with the daughter of a scientist said to have gone missing in the Caribbean some time ago. Together, the pair delve deeper into the mystery, traveling with another couple to a remote region of the Antilles Islands. There, they will hopefully find the answers they seek - but at a horrific price. Madness, pain, and fear await them in a desolate place where the dead walk once again and prey on all that still live.

Italian release date: August 25, 1979
Us release date: July 18, 1980

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Us poster from the movie Zombie (Zombi 2)

Main Cast

  • Anne Bowles
  • Peter West
  • Dr. David Menard
  • Brian Hull
  • Susan Barrett
  • Menard's Nurse
  • Paola Menard

Also Known As

  • Island of the Flesh-Eaters (inc)
  • Island of the Living Dead (inc)
  • Gli ultimi zombi (it)
  • Zombie 2: Gli ultimi zombi (it)
  • Zombie Flesh Eaters (uk)
  • Zombie 2: The Dead are Among Us (us)

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