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Dr. Eric Norris (Richard Hatch), is a brilliant researcher guilt-ridden over a family tragedy. But when an extraterrestrial parasite fuses with his DNA, Norris gives birth to a half-human, half-alien progeny. Can a man of both science and compassion now protect his "son" from the government, or will society demand this "monster" by destroyed?

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Us poster from the movie InAlienable

Main Cast

  • Dr. Eric Norris
  • Adam Norris
  • Miriam Norris
  • Dr. Amanda Mayfield
  • Andreas Cabrosas
  • Dr. Shilling
  • Dr. Proway
  • Gerhard
  • FBI Man
  • Dr. Braxton
  • Dr. Kline
  • Important Man
  • Howard Ellis
  • Medical Employee
  • Emil


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