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Hidden Peaks





Jarred, a warrior with a tragic past, and Eliza, a woman desperate to find her missing fiancée, are left stranded alone in an apocalyptically derelict world shrouded with evil and terror, where vicious monsters called Reapers run amok and hunt for human flesh. When Eliza is kidnapped by the enemy for a mysterious dark purpose, Jarred has no choice but to face his own demons and embark on a rescue mission that puts him, and the people he fights for at risk.

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Australian poster from the movie Hidden Peaks

Main Cast

  • Eliza Wei
  • Jarred Conway
  • Sam
  • Nick Hewitt
  • Nicola Rosenfeld
  • Jason Yi
  • April Jones
  • Alex Conway
  • Pete Patel
  • Angel
  • Aaron Guyton
  • Rose Peterson
  • Lee Giang
  • Dylan Walker
  • Tali


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