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Doctor Who




In this 1996 DOCTOR WHO TV movie, the seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) is returning to Gallifrey with the remains of the Master when the TARDIS malfunctions and lands in San Francisco on the eve of the new millennium. Events lead to the Doctor's eighth incarnation (Paul McGann) facing off against the not-so-dead Master, now in physical form (Eric Roberts). The understandably confused Doctor, fortunately, is aided by an attractive surgeon (Daphne Ashbrook)...

British release date: May 27, 1996
Us release date: May 14, 1996

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Doctor Who

Main Cast

  • The Docteur
  • The Master / Bruce
  • Dr. Grace Holloway
  • The Docteur
  • Chang Lee
  • Salinger
  • Swift
  • Wheeler
  • Curtis
  • Pete
  • Gareth
  • Miranda
  • Motorcycle Policeman
  • Professeur Wagg
  • Ted

Also Known As

  • Doctor Who: Enemy Within (inc)
  • Doctor Who: The Movie (inc)

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