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Cinderella 2000




A sinister Big Brother government has declared sex illegal in the year 2047, but downtrodden Cindy (Catherine Erhardt) could care less. Dressed in rags and a slave to her wicked step-sisters, the beautiful young woman knows that escape and passionate romance are dreams never to be fulfilled. But one day Cindy meets a handsome young man and falls head-over-heals in love and lust. Braving the Fornication Police, a wise-cracking, sex-sniffing robot, and the government's impotent omnipotent leader who's not "up" to the task, sexy Cindy must overcome every erotic obstacle and funky musical interlude to be with her prince...

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Us poster from the movie Cinderella 2000

Main Cast


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Also Known As

  • Future Sex (us)
  • Civilization 2047 (us)

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