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Cyborg Cop III




When healthy college students involved in a research project begin to disappear, glamorous TV news reporter Evelyn Reed (Jennifer Miller) goes in to investigate. With the help of an inside informant, she uncovers the shadowy side of the corporate giant Delta Tech - the creation of indestructible high-tech warriors. To shut Delta Tech down, Evelyn steals the computer's power supply and begins to run for her life. Two "for hire" federal marshals, Max and Saint (Frank Zagarino, Bryan Genesse) are sent in to recover the woman and the chip. Only after it's too late do they realize the true evil involved. To save Evelyn, and ultimately the world, the marshals must withstand the attack of these indestructible warriors amidst explosions and raining car metal in this ultimate showdown...

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Unknown artwork from the movie Cyborg Cop III

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Also Known As

  • Terminal Impact (inc)

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