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Mansion of the Doomed




Dr. Chaney and his beloved daughter Nancy survive a terrible car accident which leaves Nancy blind. Chaney, guilt stricken from being responsible, turns into a mad surgeon, obsessed with finding a way to restore his daughter's vision. But when he decides to drug victims, removing their eyes to operate on his daughter, terror unfolds and Chaney's mansion becomes a dungeon filled with disfigured captives, rising up to take their revenge...

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Us poster from the movie Mansion of the Doomed

Main Cast

  • Dr. Leonard Chaney
  • Katherine
  • Nancy Chaney
  • Dr. Dan Bryan
  • Al
  • Georgio
  • Sylvia Porter
  • Miss Mathews
  • Elevator Victim
  • The Hitchhiker
  • Detective Simon
  • Ambulance Doctor
  • Wino
  • Black Intern
  • Libby

Also Known As

  • Eyes (inc)
  • Eyes of Dr. Chaney (inc)
  • House of Blood (inc)
  • Massacre Mansion (uk)
  • The Terror of Dr. Chaney (uk)

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