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Perry Liston (Patrick O’Neal), an American journalist, is tortured by the Chinese (who think he’s a spy) to obtain information about a lethal chemical substance. While being held captive he meets two fellow prisoners, Hank Norris (Henry Silva), another American, and a gravely ill, elderly Chinese man. The latter gives Perry a ring that enables its wearer to become invisible for a short amount of time, but can only be used once every ten hours (and doesn’t affect clothing). Hank got himself imprisoned in hopes of getting the ring. Instead, Perry uses it to escape. When Perry arrives in the US, however, he’s mistaken for a counterspy and tortured about the same chemical substance. Finally, Perry agrees to help US intelligence steal the formula and samples of the substance held by a criminal mastermind named Andreanu (Donald Pleasance).

In London, Perry teams up with a lovely female agent named Arabella (Ira von Fürstenberg). Their mission is occasionally thrown off track by Hank who is still after Perry’s invisibility ring. Eventually, Perry succeeds in extracting the formula and samples. Not trusting the US military with this dangerous information & substance, he throws everything (except the ring) into the Hamburg harbor.

Italian release date: August 13, 1967

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Us poster from the movie Matchless

Main Cast

  • Perry 'Matchless'
  • Arabella
  • Gregori Andreanu
  • Hank Norris
  • Tipsy
  • Général Shapiro
  • Colonel Coolpepper
  • Hogdon
  • O-Lan
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • O-Chin
  • Li-Huang
  • O-Chin's Docteur

Also Known As

  • Mission Top Secret (us)

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