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Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People




After a yacht is damaged in a storm and stranded on a deserted island, the passengers: a psychologist, his girlfriend, a wealthy businessman, a famous singer, a writer, a sailor and his skipper take refuge in a fungus covered boat. While using the MUSHROOMS for sustenance, they find the ships journal describing the mushrooms to be poisonous, however some members of the shipwrecked party continue to ingest the mysterious fungi transforming them into hideous fungal monsters...

Japanese release date: August 11, 1963

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Japanese poster from the movie Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People (Matango)

Main Cast

  • Kenji Murai - Professeur
  • Mami Sekiguchi - Singer
  • Naoyuki Sakuta - Skipper
  • Senzô Koyama - Sailor
  • Etsurô Yoshida - Writer
  • Masafumi Kasai - Owner
  • Akiko Sôma - Student
  • Skulking Transitional Matang
  • Docteur
  • Police Personnel
  • Docteur
  • Docteur
  • Police Personnel
  • Police Personnel
  • Matango



Also Known As

  • Matango: Fungus of Terror (inc)
  • Matango the Fungus of Terror (inc)
  • Fungus of Terror (inc)
  • Curse of the Mushroom People (inc)
  • Нападение людей-грибов (inc)
  • Zombi 14: Mushroom Zombies (inc)
  • Attack of the Mushroom People (us)

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