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The Girl from Rio




Sumuru launches a diabolical plan to enslave the male species with her army of lusty warrior women. But when Sumuru kidnaps a fugitive American playboy, she crosses a sadistic crime boss and ignites a battle of the sexes that will bring Brazil to its knees in more ways than one. Get ready to experience director Jess Franco at his most erotic, exotic and bizarre. This is The Girl From Rio!

Spanish release date: March 20, 1972
German release date: March 14, 1969

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Us poster from the movie The Girl from Rio (Die sieben Männer der Sumuru)

Also Known As

  • La ciudad sin hombres (es)
  • Девушка из Рио (inc)
  • River 70 (inc)
  • Future Woman (us)
  • Future Women (us)
  • Mothers of America (us)
  • Rio 70 (us)
  • The Seven Secrets of Sumuru (us)

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