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The Horror of Death




Robert Stephens stars as Sir Hugo Cunningham, a 19th-century amateur scientist and dabbler in psychic phenomena. His experiments in the new art of photography lead him to discover the Asphyx: an apparition that appears suddenly in the moment before death. He postulates that if the Asphyx can be trapped it may render a creature immortal. He begins humbly, experimenting first with a guinea pig but soon progresses to members of his own family. The Asphyx is a cautionary tale of horror, exquisitely photographed by Freddie Young (David Lean's cinematographer) and directed in the Hammer tradition by Peter Newbrook...

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British poster from the movie The Horror of Death (The Asphyx)

Main Cast

  • Sir Hugo Cunningham
  • Giles Cunningham
  • Christina Cunningham
  • Sir Edward Barrett
  • Clive Cunningham
  • Anna Wheatley
  • Pauper
  • Mason
  • Vicar
  • Warden
  • 1st Member



Also Known As

  • Spirit of the Dead (inc)

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