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End of the World




From far above the Earth's surface, mysterious spheres of electromagnetic plasma rain down across the globe. Every impact causes massive power surges, destroying electrical systems, collapsing communication networks, and reducing anyone hit by a fiery sphere to a pile of ash. A small group of survivors led by a pair of sci-fi obsessed video store clerks must use their fanatical knowledge of the genre to ride out the chaos and find a way to save earth. Can sci-fi clichés really help stop the earth's demise or is this really the end of the world?

Us release date: February 23, 2013

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Canadian poster from the TV movie End of the World

Main Cast

  • Owen Stokes
  • Steve Palmer
  • Selena
  • Max
  • Dr. Walter Brown
  • Betty Palmer
  • Leonard
  • Dr. Cochran
  • Général Ramis
  • Smythe
  • Bill
  • Reiser
  • Louis
  • Traffic Cop
  • Orderly

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