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La bestia in calore




In a remote village of occupied europe, the SS pursue their inhuman treatment of captured partisans in effort to force them to betray their comrades... While Fraulein Krast, a sadistic biologist, concentrates her efforts on the womenfolk with refined tortures and humiliation, leaving them to the mercy of a sex-crazed half-man, half-beast she has created with experimental injections... And as advancing Allied forces approach the village, Krast herself becomes a victim of her fiendish rituals...

Italian release date: July 19, 1977

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Us poster from the movie La bestia in calore

Main Cast

  • Dr. Ellen Kratsch
  • Drago
  • Capt. Hardinghauser
  • Lupo
  • The Beast


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Horrifying Experiments of S.S. Last Days (inc)
  • Horrifying Experiments of the S.S. Last Days (us)
  • S.S. Experiment Camp 2 (us)
  • SS Hell Camp (us)
  • The Beast in Heat (us)

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