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The Town Where Only I Am Missing




Struggling manga author Satoru Fujinuma is beset by his fear to express himself. However, he has a supernatural ability of being forced to prevent deaths and catastrophes by being sent back in time before the incident occurred, repeating time until the accident is prevented. One day, he gets involved in an accident that has him framed as a murderer. Desperate to save the victim, he sends himself back in time only to find himself as a grade-schooler one month before fellow classmate Kayo Hinazuki went missing. Satoru now embarks on a new quest: to save Kayo and solve the mystery behind her disappearance. (Imdb)

Japanese release date: March 19, 2016

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Japanese poster from the movie The Town Where Only I Am Missing (Bokudake ga inai machi)

Main Cast

  • ...
  • Airi Katagiri
  • ...
  • Satoru Fujinuma (29 years ol
  • Kenya Kobayashi
  • Jun Shiratori
  • Sachiko Fujinuma
  • ...
  • Satoru Fujinuma (10 years ol
  • Manabu Yatsushiro
  • Makoto Sawada
  • Kayo Hinazuki
  • ...


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