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Death Machine




In a future, 2003. Jack Dante, a genius scientist lives in a world of models, toys and magazines and works for the BattleTech Weapons Corporation, world leaders in future weaponry. The new chief executive, Hayden Cale decides to fire Dante, the company's number one asset, as he is a risk to her position and the company. In retaliation he uses his dark genius and psychotic mind to build the ultimate security system which protects, destroys and lives.

British release date: May 26, 1995

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Spanish artwork from the movie Death Machine

Main Cast

  • Jack Dante
  • Hayden Cale
  • John Carpenter
  • Sam Raimi
  • Yutani
  • Weyland
  • Scott Ridley
  • Sheriff Dickson
  • Glitching Hardman
  • Waitress
  • Screaming Demonstrator
  • Screaming Demonstrator
  • Reporter
  • Reporter
  • Reporter


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