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Keith Ritchie, a idealistic scientist has contacted a creature from Venus named Zontar. He attempts--in vain--to convince his collegue and friend, Dr. Curt Taylor. After having diverted an artificial satellite launched months later, Zontar lands close to where Keith lives. The Venusian inhibits the water and energy supply of the city causing its inhabitants to panic.
Keith, persuaded that Zontar will save the earth, gives the alien the names of the city's mot influencial people--including Curt. Zontar then releases "injectopods", flying creatures that implant transmitters on humans to control their minds...
(Correction Arroxane Ullman)

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Curt Taylor
  • Anne Taylor
  • Keith Ritchie
  • Martha Ritchie
  • Gen. Matt Young
  • John - Rocket Scientist at Z
  • Louise - Zone 6
  • Rocket Scientist at Zone 6
  • Sheriff Brad Crenshaw
  • Sgt. Magalari
  • Zone 6 Gate Guard
  • Mr. Ledford - Newspaper Edit
  • Alice - Zone 6 Clerk
  • Townswoman

Also Known As

  • Zontar: Invader from Venus (us)

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