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Alien Prey




By a starless night, the sky of the English countryside is striped by a tremendous lightning of light. Behind this phenomenon, a drifting flying saucer that lands in catastrophe on Earth. On its board, only one being, tolerably disorientated, wander in search of a human body. He quickly spots a couple that he takes by surprise. The body of the man is an excellent host for the foreigner coming from outer space. With his new physical appearance, he directs to an isolated house, resided by a couple of young women, Josephine and Jessica. First disconcerted by the strange behavior of their new guest, Jessica against all wait is seduced by this mysterious visitor...

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French poster from the movie Alien Prey (Prey)

Main Cast

  • Anders
  • Josephine
  • Jessica
  • Sandy
  • 1st Policeman
  • 2nd Policeman


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