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Zombies of the Stratosphere




Security agent Larry Martin, who can fly with an experimental rocket suit, and his cohort Bob Wilson, try to save the earth from the evil Martians. Can Larry and Bob thwart the villainous Martians plan to blast our planet out of its orbit and replace it with their own? Why are some earthlings conspiring with their dastardly plot?

Us release date: July 16, 1952

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Us poster from the series Zombies of the Stratosphere

Main Cast

  • Larry Martin
  • Sue Davis
  • Bob Wilson
  • Marex
  • Dr. Harding
  • Roth
  • Mr. Steele
  • Shane
  • Narab
  • Walker [Ch. 3] / Truck Drive
  • Telegrapher [Chs. 1, 10]
  • Lawson - Boat Charter Operat
  • Kerr
  • Fisherman [Ch. 7]
  • Dick the Rocketship Pilot


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