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2001 Yonggary




When two archeological adversaries find an ancient set of hieroglyphics in a prehistoric cave, the ramifications prove to be catastrophic. For within these ancient manuscript lies the information that could awaken the largest Dinosaur ever discovered by man, YONGGARY. With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, a world famous paleontologist and an attractive research assistant, are left with one alternative¡¦ decode a two hundred million year old prophesy and destroy Yonggary before his wrath is unleashed unto the entire planet...

South korean release date: July 17, 1999

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Unknown poster from the movie 2001 Yonggary

Main Cast

  • Lt. Gen. George Murdock
  • Mr. Mills, N.S.I.A.
  • Maj. Gen. Jack Thomas
  • Maj. Gen. Don 'Boom Boo
  • Dr. Campbell
  • Holly Davis
  • Lt. O'Neil
  • Bud Black
  • Capitaine Parker
  • Dr. Wendel Hughes
  • ...
  • Sgt. Archie
  • Sgt. Romiski, T-Force
  • Sgt. Michaels, T-Force
  • Sgt. Sanchez


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Upgrade Yonggary (inc)
  • Reptile 2001 (inc)
  • Reptilian (us)

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