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The Year of the Sex Olympics




In the future, society is divided between 'low-drives' that equate with the labouring classes and 'hi-drives' who control the government and media. The low-drives are controlled by a constant broadcast of pornography that the hi-drives are convinced will pacify them, though one hi-drive, Nat Mender (Tony Vogel), believes that the media should be used to educate the low-drives. After the accidental death of a protester during the Sex Olympics gets a massive audience response, the Co-ordinator Ugo Priest (Leonard Rossiter) decides to commission a new programme. In The Live Life Show Nat Mender, his partner Deanie (Suzanne Neve) and their daughter Keten (Lesley Roach) are stranded on a remote Scottish island while the low-drive audience watches. Mender's former colleague, Lasar Opie (Brian Cox), realising that “something got to happen”, decides to spice up the show by introducing a psychopath, Grels (George Murcell) to the island. When Grels goes on a murderous rampage, Ugo Priest is horrified when the audience reacts with laughter to the slaughter and The Live Life Show is deemed a triumph. (Wikipedia)

British release date: July 29, 1968

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Unknown artwork from the movie The Year of the Sex Olympics

Main Cast

  • Co-ordinator Ugo Priest
  • Deanie Webb
  • Nat Mender
  • Lasar Opie
  • Misch
  • Grels
  • Kin Hodder
  • Keten Webb
  • Betty
  • Nurse
  • Custard pie expert
  • Custard pie expert
  • Custard pie expert
  • Custard pie expert
  • Custard pie expert


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