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2001: A Space Travesty




When the president of the United States is kidnapped by aliens and replaced with a clone, the police call on Marshal "Dick" Dix of the International Security Force to help rescue him - and quickly, before they clone the rest of the world's leaders. With the fate of the world in his clumsy hands, Dix heads to the planet Vegan, a very strange place run by an evil doctor and inhabited by aliens who, having learned to speak English from watching television, all talk like different Hollywood movie stars. After engaging in some freaky lunar socializing, Dix joins forces with sexy officer Cassandre Menage and master of disguise Captain di Pasquale to rescue the saxophone playing president. They return to Washington D.C., and accomplish their mission of replacing the cloned president with the real president. Or do they?

Canadian release date: September 07, 2001
German release date: May 09, 2002

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Unknown artwork from the movie 2001: A Space Travesty

Main Cast

  • Richard 'Dick' Dix
  • Cassandra Menage
  • Captain Valentino Di Pasqual
  • Dr. Griffin Pratt
  • Dr. Uschi Künstler
  • Mr. President
  • Lt. Bradford Shitzu
  • Secretary Osgood
  • Police Chief Halverson
  • Yetta Pussel
  • Famous Tenor #1
  • Famous Tenor #2
  • Famous Tenor #3
  • Famous Tenor Voice #1 (voice
  • Famous Tenor Voice #2 (voice



Also Known As

  • 2001: Une parodie de l'espace (ca)
  • 2002 - Durchgeknallt im All (de)
  • 2000.1: A Space Travesty (us)

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