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Sam Phillips (Philip Sayer) is a scientist mysteriously abducted by evil extraterrestrials. Only his young son, Tony, witnesses the bizarre kidnapping. Sam returns to Earth three years later as a monstrous alien. He's back to claim his son for his new homeland and to infect the blood of random earthlings. Strange powers are transmitted to Tony, enabling him to animate his toys into lethal weapons. Together, father and son ravage anyone who crosses their path...

British release date: December 06, 1982
Us release date: January 07, 1983

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Us poster from the movie Xtro

Main Cast

  • Sam Phillips
  • Rachel Phillips
  • Joe Daniels
  • Analise Mercier
  • Tony Phillips
  • Clown
  • Michael
  • Mrs. Goodman
  • Docteur
  • Jane
  • Ben
  • Commando
  • Monster
  • Woman in Cottage
  • Mr. Knight

Also Known As

  • Judas Goat (inc)
  • Экстро (inc)
  • X-tro (us)

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