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They are mutants, genetically gifted human beings, the world's newest and persecuted minority group. Amidst an increasing climate of fear and bigotry, one enlightened individual, Professor Charles Xavier, has founded a school and safe haven for these powerfull outcasts. Here, new initiates are taught to hardness their unique abilities to promote tolerance and to combat the mounting hysteria that threatens to destroy their kind.

Bound by a strict code of honor, Xavier's pupils, X-Men, struggle against hostile Government agencies as well as mutant supremacist Magneto, and his radical factions, which seek to subjugate and ultimately exterminate humankind.

British release date: August 18, 2000
Us release date: July 14, 2000

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Us poster from the movie X-Men

Main Cast

  • Logan / Wolverine
  • Professeur Charles Xavier
  • Eric Lensherr / Magneto
  • Jean Grey
  • Scott Summers / Cyclops
  • Ororo Munroe / Storm
  • Rogue
  • Sabretooth
  • Toad
  • Mystique
  • Senator Kelly
  • Henry Gyrich
  • Young Magneto
  • Magneto's Mother
  • Magneto's Father

Also Known As

  • X-Men 1.5 (us)
  • X-Men: The Movie (us)

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