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X Change




His mind is trapped in a clone. His body has been hijacked by a terrorist. His time is running out. In the not-too-distant future, advances in biotechnology enable people to transfer their own minds into the bodies of others. People can now “travel” by having their consciousness transmitted instantly anywhere in the world where it can inhabit another person's body. When anti-corporate terrorists assassinate a powerful CEO, Stefan Toffler is called to investigate the murder. He is transported to San Francisco unknowingly into the body of the chief terrorist. With the terrorist in his body and on the run, Toffler has only two days to find “himself” or die!

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French poster from the movie X Change (Xchange)

Main Cast

  • Clone #1 / Toffler 3
  • Madeleine Renard
  • Toffler / Fisk 2
  • Fisk / Toffler 2
  • Mr. Finerman
  • Dickerson
  • Quayle Scott
  • Lister
  • Rix
  • Alison De Waay
  • Walt Simons
  • Chan
  • Glowacki 2
  • Proponia
  • Glowacki 1

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