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Woody Allen is 200 years behind with the rent! Woken after being frozen alive for two centuries, likable no – hoper Miles Monroe discovers that the world is a crazy, paranoid place where pleasure is the most sought after commodity.

Can he find love with the beautiful but dippy Luna? Can he avoid a revolutionary movement out to destroy the Dictator’s Nose before scientists can clone it back into power? Can he survive the dreaded Orgasmatron? With sparkling sight gags, brilliant one – liners and a superb Jazz soundtrack, Sleeper is a riotous futuristic farce...
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Us release date: December 17, 1973

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Unknown poster from the movie Sleeper

Main Cast

  • Miles Monroe
  • Luna Schlosser
  • Erno Windt
  • Dr. Melik
  • Dr. Tryon
  • Dr. Agon
  • Dr. Orva
  • Rainer Krebs
  • Dr. Nero
  • Dr. Dean
  • Ellen Pogrebin
  • M.C.
  • Woman in the Mirror
  • Herald Cohen
  • Jeb Hrmthmg



$2 000 000

Also Known As

  • Спящий (inc)

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