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Wonder Woman




After a dogfight with a Nazi plane, U.S. Air Force Steve Trevor crashlands on an uncharted island in the Bermuda Triangle. Paradise Island is inhabited only by women, and their existence has been kept a secret for thousands of years. Learning of the Nazi threat to humanity, the Amazon princess, Diana, is chosen to accompany Trevor back to the United States to battle the Third Reich. Garbed in a skimpy red, white & blue costume and armed with a magic lasso that forces anyone within its grasp to tell the truth, Diana uses her powers as Wonder Woman to battle the forces of evil. (Marty McKee)

Us release date: November 07, 1975

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Wonder Woman

Main Cast

  • Wonder Woman
  • Major Steven Leonard 'Steve'
  • General Phil Blankenship
  • Ashley Norman / Carl
  • Marcia / Agent M.
  • Captain Drangel
  • Bad Guy
  • Amazon Doctor
  • Nickolas
  • Col. Oberst Von Blasko
  • Queen Hippolyte
  • Nurse
  • Cop #2
  • Saleslady
  • Bank Manager

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