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Sky Blue




An environmental catastrophe has left the future of mankind in the year 2140 fighting against extinction. Slaves inhabit the outside world whilst the lucky ones live in comfort in Ecoban. One man dares to fight against the injustice - he enters the city to find its secrets and bring freedom to the slaves who have been consigned to an early death...

South korean release date: July 17, 2003
British release date: July 08, 2005
Us release date: February 18, 2005

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Us poster from the movie Sky Blue (Wonderful Days)

Main Cast

  • voix Koréenne
  • Senior Adjutant (voix Korée
  • Shua (voix anglaise)
  • Jay / Young Shua / Cheyenne
  • (voix anglaise)
  • (voix anglaise)
  • Goliath (voix anglaise)
  • Dispatcher (voix anglaise)
  • Cade (voix anglaise)
  • Moe / Digger Foreman

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