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The Woman Eater




Dr. James Moran (George Coulouris) returns from the Amazon jungles with a sacred tribal tree that can produce a sap which will reportedly restore life to the dead. Unfortunately, the tree can only live and grow by devouring beautiful young women! After sacrificing several lovely victims to the plant, Dr. Moran is prepared to begin his experiments, but his native helper Tanga (Jimmy Vaughan) threatens to spoil things by lavishing unwanted attentions on Moran's young housekeeper Sally (Vera Day). Will Dr. Moran complete his experiments before the police learn of his murderous activities, and what will be Sally's fate once she learns the secret of the mysterious plant growing in the corner of the deranged scientist's laboratory?

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Us poster from the movie The Woman Eater (Womaneater)

Main Cast

  • Dr. James Moran
  • Sally Norton
  • Jack Venner
  • Mrs. Margaret Santor
  • Judy, girl at club
  • Tanga, the native
  • Lewis Carling
  • Doctor Patterson
  • Native Girl
  • Susan Curtis, the redheaded
  • Sergeant Bolton
  • Bristow - Carnival Owner
  • Fair Attendant - Sharpshooti
  • Man at Club with Judy
  • Lascar


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