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Wing Commander




In the 27th century, humanity has to escape extinction and to confront a race known under the name of Kilrathi. Despite all attempts to arrive at a diplomatic solution, a large scale war bursts out and the Terran confederation can difficultly contain its frontiers against the aggression. The surprise attack of a distant outpost of the Confederation allows Kilrathi to recuperate a system of navigation that contains coordinates of the Earth. It remains less than 24 hours before Kilrathi arrive to attack the planet. In the meantime Terran reinforcement that should arrive two hours after the Kilrathi, the commander of the main fleet, the Admiral Tolwyn, orders the carrier TCS Tiger Claw to intercept the enemy and to hold it at any cost...

British release date: June 25, 1999
Us release date: March 12, 1999

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Unknown poster from the movie Wing Commander

Main Cast

  • Lt. Christopher Blair
  • Lt. Cdr. 'Angel' D
  • Lt. Todd 'Maniac'
  • Commodore James 'Paladi
  • Cdr. Paul Gerald
  • Capt. Jason Sansky
  • Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn
  • Lt. Rosie Forbes
  • Lt. Obutu
  • Admiral Bill Wilson
  • Richard Bellegarde
  • Lt. Hunter
  • Lt. Polanski
  • Lt. Knight
  • Flight Boss

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