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Willi endeavours to survive in a world where annihilistic galactic battles rage, by taking a job at the centre of power. But it's the wrong side that he takes in this civil war...

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German release date: January 19, 1972

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Main Cast

  • Willi Tobler
  • Dorle 0 Tobler's Frau
  • Chief Admiral of the 6th Fle
  • Konteradmiral von Carlowitz
  • Paula Stihi - Geheimagentin
  • Rebel Propagandist
  • Schroeder-Mahnke - Polizeiin
  • Baade
  • Capitaine
  • V. Schaake
  • Tobler's Daughter
  • Tobler's Daughter
  • Tobler's Daughter



Also Known As

  • Willi Tobler and the Destruction of the 6th Fleet (inc)
  • Zu böser Schlacht schleich ich heut nacht so bang (rfa)

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