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Wild Palms




The life of a TV executive living in the year 2007 becomes unraveled when new technology for television transmission makes things appear differently than what they really are. A dark sexy, noir Los Angeles of the future is the backdrop for Oliver Stone's haunting, sci-fi saga of greed, treason and virtual reality. Harry Wyckoff (James Belushi) is about to become a player in a dark and terrifying battle where everything is at stake and no one is who they seem...

Us release date: May 16, 1993

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Unknown artwork from the series Wild Palms

Main Cast

  • Harry Wyckoff
  • Grace Wyckoff
  • Sen. Anton Kreutzer
  • Paige Katz
  • Josie Ito
  • Tommy Lazlo
  • Tabba Schwartzkopf
  • Tully Woiwode
  • Eli Levitt
  • Coty Wyckoff
  • Dr. Tobias Schenkl
  • Peter
  • Deirdre Wyckoff
  • Chap Starfall
  • Chickie Levitt


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