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When Time Expires




A functionary from deep space arrives in a small Texas town to calibrate the future. As the clock ticks down in tiny Lanston, and a villain's crosshairs focus on Travis's head, only time will tell whether he'll ever cross the sidewalk to place the quarter in the parking meter and Earth will avoid the chain reaction that will otherwise begin in these dusty streets...

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British release date: January 02, 2000
Us release date: May 10, 1997

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie When Time Expires

Main Cast

  • Travis Beck
  • June Kelly
  • Bill Thermot, Beck's Former
  • Rifkin Koss
  • TV Evangelist, Thermot's Int
  • TV Car Salesman, Beck's Inte
  • Walter Kelly, June's Father
  • Assassin #1
  • Assassin #2
  • Tom Holtan, June's Former Bo
  • TV Housewife, the Assassin's
  • Sheriff Holtan, Tom's Dad
  • Bartender
  • Redneck #1, Tom's Buddy
  • Redneck #2, Tom's Buddy


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