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Warning Sign




Deep inside a genetic engineering complex in rural Utah, a mysterious toxin has accidentally been unleashed and a top-secret military containment team arrives to quarantine the facility. But for local sheriff Cal Morse, the disaster hits close to home: Among the employees still locked inside is his security guard wife Joanie. Now the contamination is spreading throughout the building, causing its victims to explode in psychotic rage. What sinister experiments have taken place in Lab P-4? Why is Joanie the only person immune to the infection? And even if Morse can break into the compound to rescue his wife, can they survive the onslaught of the insane?

Us release date: August 23, 1985

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Us poster from the movie Warning Sign

Main Cast

  • Cal Morse
  • Joanie Morse
  • Major Connolly
  • Dr. Dan Fairchild
  • Dr. Nielsen
  • Tom Schmidt
  • Vic Flint
  • Bob
  • Dana
  • Captain Walston
  • Dr. Ramesh Kapoor
  • Tippett
  • Pisarczyk
  • Connolly's Aide
  • Deputy Grazie

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