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Gulliver's Travels




The spellbinding adventures of Gulliver's Travels is transformed into three dimensional reality in this live-action adaptation of Jonathan Swift's beloved classic. Kerwin Mathews stars as Gulliver, the swashbuckling doctor who set sail for fame and fortune in the fabled East Indies, but finds adventure, romance and danger instead in Brobdingnag and Lilliput, the infamous lands of the great and small. One of the most complicated films of its time. The 3 Worlds of Gulliver is both an enchanting fantasy and a captivating visual treat. Because the storyline calls for scenes that juxtapose forty-foot giants with six-inch-tall, special effect wizard Ray Harryhausen perfected a state of the art trick photography process so innovative, they had to invent a new word for it: Superdynamation.

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French poster from the movie Gulliver's Travels

Main Cast

  • Dr. Lemuel Gulliver
  • Gwendolyn
  • Elizabeth
  • Reldresal
  • King Brob
  • Emperor of Lilliput
  • Makovan
  • Flimnap
  • Queen of Brobdingnag
  • Empress of Lilliput
  • Lord Bermogg
  • Minister of Lilliput
  • Glumdalclitch
  • Mr Grinch

Also Known As

  • The Worlds of Gulliver (inc)
  • The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (us)

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