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Cosmic Journey




The plot centers around a bureaucrat's attempt to keep the scientific genius Pavel Sedikh from taking the first moon flight. Pavel ends up making the trip along with his secretary Marina and Andryushka, a young stowaway. When they land on the moon, exploration is the order of the day. But Pavel finds himself trapped under a boulder and his only hope is the inexperienced pair that he brought with him. With their oxygen supply rapidly fading, the outcome looks grim indeed.

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Russian poster from the movie Cosmic Journey (Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella)

Main Cast

  • Pavel Ivanovich Sedikh, acad
  • Prof. Marina
  • Andryusha Orlov, a boy
  • Capt. Viktor Orlov
  • Prof. Karin



No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • The Space Ship (inc)
  • Космический рейс (inc)
  • The Space Voyage (inc)

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