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Journey to the Center of the Earth




Geologist Theodore Lytton is having a difficult time raising money for his latest geological expedition, attributed to people distrusting his support of Darwinism and the theory of evolution. He's been forced to pursue the illegal sport of prize-fighting as a resource for funding. Theodore is assisted by his handsome but home-bound young nephew, Jonas, whom he has raised since childhood. Unfortunately, Jones doesn't share his uncle's wanderlust and has a reluctant spirit.

Salvation for Theodore arrives in the form of wealthy Alice Hastings, whose husband disappeared seven years ago during a volcano expedition in New Zealand. She commissions Theodore to lead an all-expense paid effort to find her husband, whom she insists is still alive, despite all appearances to the contrary. Jonas, a nervous, fretful sort, joins his uncle's expedition, leaving his fiancée Helen behind...

Us release date: September 14, 1999

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Us poster from the series Journey to the Center of the Earth

Main Cast

  • Theodore Lytton
  • Jonas Lytton
  • Alice Hastings
  • McNiff
  • Casper Hastings
  • Helen
  • Ralna
  • Mashowna
  • Te Mahua
  • Boxer
  • Reverend Polson
  • Docteur
  • Society Member
  • Policeman
  • Johnny Alcott


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