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Journey to the Center of the Earth



Journey to the Center of the Earth

(Journey to the Center of the Earth)
4.5 rating star score

A movie directed by Henry Levin
1959 - 132 minutes - Color - Stereo - 2.35 : 1
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In Edimbourgh, the famous Professor Oliver Lindenbrook receives in present a volcanic stone. He notices rapidly that the piece of lava contains an object. A thread to lead of the highest importance on which is engraved a message emanating from the volcano scientist Arne Saknussmen, from whom nobody had news while he had undertaken to travel to the center of the Earth.

The Professor Lindenbrook gets decipher the message. The passage leading to the center of the earth is found on the Snuffel, a somber volcano in Iceland. He announces the news to his Swedish colleague. But receiving no news of this one he understands very fast that the Professor Goetaborg decided to double him. Lindenbrook undertakes then an expedition, accompanied by his pupil and future son-in-law, Alec McEwen...

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Unknown poster from the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth

Main Cast

  • Alec McEwan
  • Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook
  • Carla Göteborg
  • Jenny Lindenbrook
  • Count Saknussemm
  • Hans Belker
  • Groom
  • Dean

Also Known As

  • Trip to the Center of the Earth (inc)
  • Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth (inc)
  • Путешествие к центру Земли (inc)

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