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Face Off




To avenge the senseless murder of his son, FBI agent Sean Archer undergoes a radical new surgery allowing him to switch faces with the comatose terrorist Castor Troy and assumes Sean's identity. The real Sean is thrust into an unimaginable nightmare, fighting not only for his life but also those of his wife and daughter...

British release date: November 07, 1997
Us release date: June 27, 1997

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Us poster from the movie Face Off

Main Cast

  • Sean Archer / Castor Troy
  • Castor Troy / Sean Archer
  • Dr. Eve Archer
  • Pollux Troy
  • Sasha Hassler
  • Jamie Archer
  • Dietrich Hassler
  • Victor Lazarro
  • Dr. Malcolm Walsh
  • Maton Walton
  • Hollis Miller
  • Tito Biondi
  • Wanda
  • Buzz
  • Loomis

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