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V: The Final Battle




Visitors try to dominate the Earth by imposing a fascist regime promoted through false friendship. During a daring attack on the mediatic event of the Medical Center of Los Angeles, Julie unmasks John and shows his true reptilian face on live television. But while the resistance fights back, Julie is made a prisoner by Diana and dispatched to the mothership...

British release date: August 01, 1984
Us release date: May 06, 1984

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Unknown poster from the series V: The Final Battle

Main Cast

  • Diana
  • Robert Maxwell
  • Willie
  • Juliet Parish
  • John
  • Father Andrew Doyle
  • Ham Tyler
  • Brian
  • Daniel Bernstein
  • Eleanor Dupres
  • Steven
  • Mark
  • Mike Donovan
  • Robin Maxwell
  • Elias Taylor

Also Known As

  • V - The Final Battle (inc)
  • V (inc)
  • V: Последняя битва (inc)

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