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Fire in the Sky




On November 5, 1975 a group of loggers in the mountains of northeastern Arizona observed a strange, unusually bright light in the sky. One of those men, Travis Walton, recklessly left the safety of their truck to take a closer look at the large UFO it turned out to be. Suddenly, as he walked toward the it, Walton was blasted back by a bolt of mysterious energy...

Based on fact, the movie follows a controversial UFO incident in the mountain region of North Eastern Arizona in 1975...

British release date: June 18, 1993
Us release date: March 12, 1993

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Unknown poster from the movie Fire in the Sky

Main Cast

  • Travis Walton
  • Mike Rogers
  • Allan Dallis
  • David Whitlock
  • Greg Hayes
  • Bobby Cogdill
  • Blake Davis
  • Katie Rogers
  • Frank Watters
  • Dana Rogers
  • Dan Walton
  • Cyrus Gilson
  • Buck
  • Ray Melendez
  • Dennis Clay


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