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Yesterday's Target




Though they have special powers, these strangers do not know that the fate of the earth rests on their shoulders... A little boy holds the key to humanity's survival -- and he is in danger. Meanwhile, in the future, a trio of sensory-enhanced people realize the boy needs help. They join forces and travel back in time to help him... and us all!

Us release date: April 28, 1996

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Us poster from the TV movie Yesterday's Target

Main Cast

  • Paul Harper
  • Jessica Harper
  • Carter
  • Aaron Winfield
  • Winstrom
  • Holden
  • Young Roland
  • Agent Riggs
  • Agent Johnson
  • Ricky
  • Diner Waitress
  • Dr. Kang
  • Dr. Patel
  • Man in Caddy
  • Croupier



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