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The Vladislav Volkov, a scientific ship, points its antennaes to the Russian orbital station MIR in orbit around the Earth. Nadia, scientist officer, prepares to download scientific data since the station MIR. Suddenly, in space, an huge cloud of energy rushes on the space station, overloading all its circuits and killing the crew. Energy then follows the path of data transmissions directly to the antennae of the ship below, engulfing and taking computer possession and electrical systems in sheaves of sparks.

Some days later, the tugboat "Sea Star" directs to the ship. But the Volkov is drifting slowly in silence. It is apparently deserted...

German release date: May 20, 1999
French release date: February 17, 1999
Japanese release date: May 29, 1999
British release date: June 04, 1999
Us release date: January 15, 1999

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French poster from the movie Virus

Also Known As

  • Virus - Schiff ohne Wiederkehr (de)

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